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Gain insights about the fans

Extratime forms symbiotic relationships with our partner clubs, which gives us unparalleled access to their fan data. We monetise that data by aggregating, analysing and targeting key demographics for sponsors which in turn leads to a higher return on investment, reach their KPI and conversion metrics.

Real time advertising products


Real time interaction with screens
Usage of our platform to manage screens in real time around the stadium, with pitch side LEDs, scoreboards and VIP areas. Activation of messages takes place in accordance with what happens in real time during the game. This way we augment the audience experience and enable interaction with the brands.


Converting sales in the heat of the moment
Before, after and during the game, fans can access from their WhatsApp or Telegram promotions in real-time to meet their needs whilst simultaneously improving the conversion rate for the sponsors of the clubs.

Prediction Game

Predict the result
Interactive prediction game sponsored by betting companies that creates tournaments around guessing the right result. The game is to engage the fans in a non-betting game, but can convert non-betting players to bet in real time or make people that are betting more engaged in the club.

Perfomance Dashboard

Proving the results
Continuous optimization through machine learning. Leverage data analysis to prove results for sponsors. Track the most important brand KPIs. Know when they convert – clicks, forms, signups, downloads or where in buying cycle. Opportunity to upsell/cross sell based on their target audience insights and results.

Extratime owns the short side LED boards around the pitch in the Sporting CP stadium.

With our real time solution on the LED advertising boards in the stadium, Betano gained 4 times more exposure and media value compared to the static LED advertising boards.

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